Landscaping Work done by Mark's Lawn Service

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From bed edging and mulching to shrub trimming and tree planting, you can assure that your landscaping will always look pristine.  Services include:




  • Bed edging: All beds are edged with a gas powered trencher/edger (except where sprinkler systems, electric lines, etc. are present) that insures at the very minimum at least a 4″ trench, even in the hardest and driest of soils.
  • Mulching: All beds are mulched using mulch type of customer’s choice.  Mulch is laid at a depth of 2-3″, depending on conditions of beds.  Mulch, while always creating a fresh visual appeal, is also helpful in preventing weed germination, and retaining moisture for trees and shrubs.
  • Stone: With a wide variety of stone available for choosing, any visual look can be achieved, whether it be for visual accent, dry river beds, drainage, etc.
  • Shrub Trimming: All shrubs are trimmed and pruned to ensure the plant’s best health.  Different shrubs should be trimmed at different times of the year due to budding, plant health, and growth characteristics.
  • Renovation: Tired of your existing landscaping?  We can remove all your old landscaping and start off with something new, whether it be just shrubs, or complete bed shapes and sizes.

If there are other services you are interested in, please do not hesitate to ask as estimates are free.  We are capable and readily able to perform other various services.

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